Infectious: Dev. Diary 2

2:update of Player Board

After the internal play test I realized that the mutation chain is just way too long to reach all mutations at the end of the game. So I shorten the mutation chain to balance out the play time.

Also I added player aids and designated places for different tokens on Board so each player can follow virus specific actions.

Meanwhile I resketched some virus concept art for the game. Give them different starting powers and upkeep actions. Although it still needs to be tested and balanced, we are super excited to show the


story behind each virus in the next design dairy.

But first here is the first sneak peak of the virus in infectious: Celly.

First prototype
Second prototype

Infectious: Dev. Diary 1

Dang dang dang ! Now allow us to introduce our third game in the cooking: INFECTIOUS

Since this game is still in the middle of development we would like to show you every step of that and maybe you can be a part of our development as well.

Infectious is a strategic 2-4 player game.

In Infectious, Player will inhabit the soul of a corky virus, trying to grow your way through the unsuspecting host. Managing your precious RNA to replicate, gaining variety of powers, eating organ cells to help you mutate and evolve, racing for victory points.

But watch out, since you are not the only virus that settle down in the body, you’ve got a lot of competition out there. The more you and the other virus grow the more alert the host’s body will be, sending out anti body trying to eat you off!

And the struggle continues until either one virus manage to overtake the host, or the immune system will finally be strong enough to take back control

So what is your strategy? Grow fast get VP but potentially trigger the immune system? Or grow slowly and plan out each mutation for your super virus?



area movement/ majority Pattern building

Engine building

variable player power, Hand management

card drafting